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Round 27: Closed for Judging!
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DDA is a multi-fandom video award site.

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  • Best Video - we have to be in awe with your video, impress us.
  • Best Edited - editing has to be right on with the music, with the story line everything.
  • Best Comedy - make us laugh.
  • Best Action - non-stop fast paced ass kickage.
  • Best SFX - good use of effects, not just transitions, it has to fit with the video and not overly used.
  • Best AU - a good story line that wasn't originally in a show or movie.
  • Best POV - a character(s) point of view(s) on something or someone.
  • Best TV - shows the essence of the show with nice editing.
  • Best Movie - shows the essence of the movie also with nice editing.
  • Best Romance - romantic, sweet, lovey-dovey type video that makes me say "awww".
  • Best Triangle - a love triangle between 3 or more people.
  • Best Drama - sad, gloomy video showing something dramatic in a story line.
  • Best Couple - they just look so darn good together that they make the best couple, whether un-con or con shippers.
  • Best Slash - shows the relationship between two men or two women.
  • Best Tear-Jerker - make me weep here people, we wanna feel that twinge of utter saddness in my chest.
  • Best Episodic - best tv episode video.
  • Best Crossover - a crossover between at least 2 shows and/or movies.
  • Best Uncon-ship - unconventional relationship, one that didn't happen on a show or movie.
  • Best Con-ship - conventional relationship, one that actually happened on the show or movie, show the relationship.
  • Best Character - character study, mainly one character but can be more. Show me their life.
  • Best Trailer - an awesome preview of a movie or tv show, make us want to see it.
  • Best Big Bad - you love to hate them.
  • Best Music/Song - the music/song fits the video perfectly and isn't used very often.
  • Best AtS/BtVS - if we get 3 or more Angel or Buffy the Vampire Slayer videos only one will be chosen for this category.
  • Best Supernatural - if we get 3 or more Supernatural videos only one will be chosen for this category.
  • Most Sensual - sexy, forbidden fruit that makes us lick our lips and want more.
  • Most Unique - out of the ordinary, very original.
  • Most Angst - shows inner struggles, sadness with or without a story line.
  • Most Violent - self-explanatory.
  • Most Suspense - make us wonder, edge of my seat type video, "ooh, what's going to happen next..."
  • Darkest Video - dark, evil, angry somewhere along those lines, more so than the other entries.
  • Cutest Video - just so gosh-darn adorable that we can't help but love it.

    Special Awards: given out every 5 rounds

  • Best Vidder - a talented vidder being recognized for their hard work.