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Round 27: Closed for Judging!
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DDA is a multi-fandom video award site.

Webmistress: Marie
Layout/coding: Marie


1. Most fandoms welcome, except those listed below:

  • Twilight Saga - only accepted if it is crossed over with at least 50% of another fandom(s) which is not of the Twilight Saga.
  • Moonlight
  • Blood Ties

    2. Profanity, violence, slash, wincest, etc. and nudity is permitted. But NO PORN!!! This is a big no-no. Please put somewhere in your description, if your video has nudity and/or profanity within it. That way others will know if they choose to view your video.

    3. Clip theft is not permitted, if I notice that you have stolen clips you will be eliminated. All videos must be your own work. You cannot nominate someone else's videos.

    4. Please have a code/link to us somewhere on your site, we would appreciate it. You can find the codes under 'Site' and 'Link Us'.

    6. Once you've entered your video, you may not enter it into another round.

    7. Judge's words are final so if you didn't win, don't bitch. If you do, you will be ignored and will not be able to enter another round.

    8. You are allowed to submit 2 videos per round.

    9. Vids can be in Real Player, Windows Media, AVI, .mpg, Mpeg formats. Zipped files are welcome. Please be sure your video is online from when you submit until time of judging. This is important. Contact me if your link changes at anytime.

    10. Sorry, but from now on I will not be accepting videos hosted on Rapid Share or YouSendIt, either the time runs out before I get to it or there are just to many coming in and you can only download so much before you have to wait to download more. Really sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause. Try another site like, or

    11. I will no longer be accepting videos on Youtube or other streaming sites. Videos MUST be downloadable otherwise they will be disqualified.

    13. And last but not least where it says 'did you read the rules?' fill in: "The heart of Dambala". This is so I know you've read the rules, if you submit with out it your entry will be deleted and you will not be on the submissions page. Each round this word will change so please check back. But if you just forget, then feel free to submit again with just the secret word and a comment telling us you forgot. :) easy as pie right?

    Remember to have fun!

    Please keep in mind any of the rules can change at any time and the 'secret word(s)' will change with every round, so check back frequently. Well if we haven't bored you to death, go ahead and submit all those fantastic videos!