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Round 27: Closed for Judging!
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DDA is a multi-fandom video award site.

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Welcome to 'Damned In Darkness Awards'. This site is a multi-fandom vidding award site! From TV Shows to Movies we accept most fandoms! Be sure to read the rules before you submit, we will be looking for the 'secret' word. Submit and Have Fun! ~Marie

Currently showing updates for December 2010

Dec. 31

Happy New Year! I will be gone for the new year so I wanted to say Happy New Year to all and I hope everyone had wonderful holidays! Videos are being judged and we hope to have awards out in the next week or two. Sorry that it has taken so long, but I'm sure you all know how it is around the end of the year. Speaking of the new year, I will be starting college starting Jan. 10th and so, after awards for round 27 are posted, DDA will be on a temporary hiatus while I am in school. I hope you all understand. It will reopen in the summer! See you all soon with the awards!

Oct. 30

Round update The round is now closed with 31 submissions! Thanks everyone! Hope to see you soon with the winners!!!!! The last submissions were from: Cordy, Buffybot, Piperkate, Nico-Angel, Becky, and Valika!

Oct. 29

Affiliate Added new affiliates: Charming Pink Bubbles Silent Promises

Round update Wow! Already 25 submissions so far! 5 more closes round 27! I've received submissions from the following people: ADF Productions, Dreamhunter, Wolfpup, Mariana, Tami Brandt, KRL2008, Lizzie, Gaia89, Andrea, Galadriel, Camelia1986, Leah, Evangelin, Mazza, Val, xXLoveEdwardCullenXx, and It Was You.

Oct. 28

Round update Round 26 Winners have been announced! This was a very tough round, thank you to all who entered! Round 27 is now open for submissions!

Layout New Bride of Chucky layout for the Halloween Season! Happy Halloween everyone!!!!!

Affiliate Please welcome our new affiliate: