Welcome to my fanfiction archive! Currently I only write in the Buffyverse, however, I do intend to extend into other fandoms in the future. This is a personal archive site and will not be taking submissions, but you are welcome to review and/or rate stories if you wish. So, have a look around and enjoy your stay!

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New drabble!
New Spike/Xander drabble! Enjoy!

--Spike's Red Queen on 01/15/12 01:43 am 4 Comments
New Drabble!
There is a new Willow/Spike drabble posted!

--Spikes Red Queen on 01/11/12 12:17 pm 4 Comments
New ficlet
New Giles/Jenny ficlet added!

--Spike's Red Queen on 07/23/10 06:04 pm 3 Comments
New Skin
New Spike Skin!

--Spike's Red Queen on 06/24/10 12:06 am 4 Comments
New Skin
Added a new Buffy/Xander skin!

--Spike's Red Queen on 06/23/10 04:03 am 5 Comments
Site - Affiliate
The site seems to be back in working condition again. I also added a few new affiliates since the site's re-opening.

--Spike's Red Queen on 06/22/10 09:59 pm 5 Comments
Site-Server Issues
Having some site issues with my images, please excuse the mess until I figure out what is going on.

--Spike's Red Queen on 06/21/10 07:19 pm 7 Comments
New Drabbles
New Drabbles added

--Spike's Red Queen on 06/20/10 04:17 pm 2 Comments
I have finished uploading all my fics, woohoo! If you notice some are missing that is because I plan on re-writing said fics.

--Spike's Red Queen on 06/18/10 04:17 pm 5 Comments
Under Construction
Due to tons of spam mail on my older archive, I decided to redo my fanfic site. Please bear with me while it's under construction.

--Spike's Red Queen on 06/14/10 02:34 am 3 Comments