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Summary: AU. After witnessing the murder of her girlfriend, Willow finds a way to help her deal with the loss. And after Faith accidentally kills an innocent man, she is overwhelmed by guilt, and does the one thing she can to help her cope with what she has done.
*WARNING:* This video contains drug use, cutting, and death. Viewer discretion is advised.
Artist: Plumb
Song: Cut
Awards: [0] Reviews: [0]
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Summary: Darla and Willow are in love with the same man, Angel, who is in love with both women. But when Angel can't choose between them, they're the ones who choose for him, both handling the solace in their own way. AU.
Artist: Sugarland
Song: Stay
Awards: [19] Reviews: [0]
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Two Souls

Summary: Willow & Angel try to move on from their relationship after he leaves town for her own good. Alternate Universe.
Artist: Reba McEntire
Song: For My Broken Heart
Awards: [26] Reviews: [2] ()
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The Sickness

Summary: This is a vampyre action mix of Buffy, Angel, Dracula 2000, Queen of the Damned, and Blade Trinity.
"It seems that all that was good has died And is decaying in me." ~Disturbed.
Artist: Disturbed
Song: Down With The Sickness
Awards: [12] Reviews: [0]
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Pandemonium Trailer

Summary: What if Willow went all vein-y for a different reason and went after a certain soulful vampire?
(*Please Note: This is a trailer to one of my fanfics 'Pandemonium'.)
Artist: Vampiria
Song: Prelude/Awake to Eternity
Awards: [5] Reviews: [3]
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